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Oct 18, 2017

Homeopathy for mold allergy

Homeopathic remedies and modifications to your environment and lifestyle choices can help you handle an allergy to mold.mushrooms

To those with no sensitivity, mold is a pesky problem in damp basements and humid bathrooms. To those who are allergic to mold, you must be vigilant because you may find mold in a surprising number of places including
• Antique shops
• Attics, basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and other rooms with high humidity
• Barns with hay
• Bedding that is put away damp
• Campers, canvas tents, and sleeping bags
• Campfires made with rotting wood
• Conservatories and greenhouses
• Farmlands
• Flooded areas
• Florist shops and garden stores
• Forgotten leftover food (especially more than 2 days old)
• Garbage
• Gardens
• Improperly maintained a/c units and dehumidifiers
• Medicines like penicillin
• Old documents
• Outdoor air
• Rooms where condensation forms on the windows
• Storm-damaged buildings and other construction sites
• Used book stores

Fermented foods, fungi, foods commonly contaminated by mold, and those that include mold in the manufacturing process must also be avoided. The list—depending on the severity of your allergy—may include food products that contain
• Aged cheeses
• Alcohol
• Barley
• Bread made with yeast
• Buttermilk
• Dried fruit
• Fish or meat that is not fresh
• Homemade jam or jelly
• Hot dogs
• Juice that is not freshly squeezed
• Mushrooms
• Peanuts
• Pickled foods
• Rye
• Sauerkraut
• Sausage
• Sour cream
• Soy sauce
• Vinegar
• Wheat
• Yeast

The following homeopathic remedies—particularly those chosen by your homeopath for your specific symptoms—address the signs of a mold allergy:
• Allium cepa
• Apis
• Arsenicum album
• Kali mur
• Pulsatilla
• Rhus tox
• Sabadilla officinarum
• Silicea
• Sulphur
• Terebintha
• Urtica urens

You can also manage symptoms by addressing environmental concerns.
• Air condition to keep your house humidity around 50%
• Clean dryer vents regularly
• Clean up immediately if you have a water problem—mop up water and dry carpet
• Fix broken or clogged gutters and downspouts
• Get rid of mold as soon as you find it—use bleach to remove mold from dehumidifier buckets, refrigerator door seals and drip pans, and trash cans; dispose of  indoor plants with moldy soil and any garden debris outside the home
• Install a HEPA filter to your heating and air conditioning system and filter out mold spores
• Keep porous items in sealed, waterproof containers in your attic and basement
• Leave your bed unmade and let it air out for an hour or so before you make it
• Limit your outdoor activities on days the mold index is especially high
• Remove carpeting and wallpaper from your bathrooms and books from open shelves in your bedrooms
• Run a dehumidifier in your basement
• Schedule an annual inspection to keep a/c equipment mold-free
• Seal windows with caulking in the winter months OR replace them with energy-efficient windows that don’t leak
• Use an exhaust fan in your kitchen and bathrooms
• Wear a dust mask when gardening, mowing, or raking leaves then shower and shampoo immediately afterwards to remove mold spores

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